TENOR 2021

This page gives live examples from the TENOR 2021 paper about Ratioscores (presentation slides) (TENOR Proceedings).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Listening to only the violin part:

Listening to only the clarinet part:

Figure 3

Figure 4

Sounds the same as figure 3 but uses delta timings rather than absoute time.

Figure 5

Time described using musical rhythms (4:quarter note, 8:eighth note, 16:sixteenth note). Also note the tempo change from quarter note at 60 bpm to 44 bpm.

Figure 6

Demonstration of glissandos. The starting note of a glissando is marked with the letter H and the ending note with h. Notes in the glissando will be rearticulated unless an underscore (_) is added to a note in the glissando.

Figure 7