Interval grid

Click on ratios in the grid or cents/MIDI/Hz equlvalents in the sorted table below the grid to listen to the note/interval. Selecting "Odd rows/cols only" and "Within octave" will list odd-limit intervals based on the square grid dimension.


Computer keyboard performance

As you press notes in the above grid or sorted list, the sounds will be remembered in order. You can then press keys on the computer keyboard to recall them, starting with 1 for the first sound, 2 for the second sound, etc. The sequence will continue for all regular keys on the US-layout keyboard. Press the delete/backspace key to clear the mapping so that another one can be loaded. Up to 46 different notes can be loaded (maybe allowing shift key in the future to allow for 92 different notes).

When pressing a key, the ratio/cents value will be displayed here below: