Inline attack velocity

The default attack velocity for notes is MIDI value 64. This can be changed by adding *vel:#, where # is an integer between 1 and 127. Here is an example of starting the attack velocities at 30 and then changing to 100 to make the notes louder:

Attack velocities can be locally modified by adding one or more v or V to decrease or increase the attack velocity. By default v will decrease the attack velocity by 10, and V will increase the velocity by 10. In the following example, the attack velocities start at 10 and increase by 10 to 100 at the last note.

The volumne increment of v and V can be set with *vstep:#. In the following example each v/V adjusts the base velocity by 5 units instead of 10:

Attack velocity tandem spine

For numeric control of attack velocity, a separate column entitled **vel can be given to the right of the **ratio spine that it applies to. If a **vel spine is present after a **ratio spine, the inline velocity system is deactivated in favor of the **vel spine method.

If there are null tokens (.) in the **vel spine, then the previous explicit value will be used (or the default of 64 if there is no previous value.